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What’s The Difference Between Double Bed and Queen Bed | Which One Should You Choose?

When it comes to beds, it’s important to choose the right one for your bedroom. Choosing the right bed size is crucial when it comes to furnishing your bedroom. When choosing a bed, so many options are available in the market. Among so many options, the two most popular choices are double beds and queen beds. While both provide sufficient space for a comfortable sleep, they are different in size, dimensions, and suitability for different individuals or households. From this article, you will get to know the difference between double bed and queen bed, their pros and cons, and help you to decide which one will be the right bed for your needs.

Queen Bed vs. Double Bed

Choosing between double and queen beds can be complex regarding their bed sizes. Both options provide enough space for couples or individuals but differ in dimensions, comfort, and suitability for different room sizes. To make an informed decision, let’s look into the details and compare the features of queen bed vs double.

Understanding Bed Sizes: Double Size Bed and Queen Size Bed

Before we dive into the comparison, let’s first define what a full-size bed and a queen-size bed are.

Understanding Bed Sizes Double Size Bed and Queen Size Bed
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Double Size Bed (also known as Full Size Bed)

A double-size bed, aka a full-size bed, is designed for one or two individuals. It’s 75 inches long and 54 inches wide, providing comfortable sleeping space for a single adults or a couple. Double beds are an excellent choice for smaller bedrooms or guest rooms with limited space.

Queen Size Bed

On the other hand, a queen-sized bed is slightly larger than a double-sized bed. It’s 80 inches long and 60 inches wide, offering extra space for individuals or couples who prefer more space while sleeping. Queen-size beds have become a popular choice for master bedrooms due to their versatility and comfort.

What is a Double Bed?

What is a Double Size Bed
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A double bed, aka a full bed, is 75 inches in length and 54 inches in width. It offers comfortable sleeping space for single adults and a cozy space for some couples. Because of its smaller dimensions, a double bed is an excellent choice for smaller bedrooms, guest rooms, or apartments with limited space. Its compact size makes it easier to move and maneuver within a room.

However, A double-size bed might not be a good option for those couples who like extra space for sleeping, and it may feel cramped for taller individuals. The limited width may also reduce sleep comfort if you share your bed with a partner or pets.

Advantages of a Double Bed

  • Space Efficiency: A double-size bed would be a great choice for small bedrooms or rooms with limited space. Because of its compact dimensions, it allows for more floor space, making it easier to navigate and furnish the room.
  • Affordability: Double-size beds are normally more budget-friendly than larger bed sizes. They balance comfort and cost-effectiveness, which makes them popular among young adults, college students, or those who are on a tight budget.
  • Versatility: Double-size beds fit well in guest rooms, children’s rooms, or small master bedrooms. They provide a comfortable and intimate sleeping experience.

Pros and Cons of a Double Bed


  • Ideal for single sleepers.
  • Offers more space compared to a twin-size bed.
  • More affordable than larger bed sizes.
  • Wide range of mattress options available.
  • Good for smaller bedrooms, guest rooms, and children’s rooms.


  • Limited space for couples.
  • Less width and length compared to larger bed sizes.
  • It may need more space for single sleepers or those needing extra space to move around at night.

If you are comparing a queen vs a double, keep in mind that a double is not long and big enough for taller people or all couples. 

What is a Queen Bed?

What is a Queen Size Bed
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A queen-size bed is more significant than a double bed. A queen-sized bed is 60 inches wide and 80 inches long, providing ample room for couples to sleep and stretch comfortably. With its broader dimensions, a queen-size bed offers more room to move during sleep, making it a perfect choice for couples who desire extra space or have a bigger bedroom.

The additional width of a queen bed also makes it suitable for taller individuals, ensuring a comfortable sleeping experience. However, it’s essential to consider that a queen bed needs more floor space, which may be an obstacle in smaller rooms. Before choosing a queen-size bed, measure your bedroom dimensions to ensure it fits seamlessly without overwhelming the space.

Advantages of a Queen Bed

  • Enhanced Comfort: A queen bed is larger than a twin and full; its additional width and length provide more room to stretch out, ensuring a comfortable sleep experience. It is particularly beneficial and perfect for taller individuals or those who like extra space to move around at night.
  • Couples-Friendly: Queen beds are designed for couples. They offer sufficient space for two individuals to sleep, minimizing disturbances caused by motion transfer.
  • Longevity: Investing in a queen bed can be a good choice, as it provides long-term versatility, which makes it suitable for single sleepers and couples.

Pros and Cons of a Queen Bed


  • Gives enough for couples.
  • Provides extra room for individuals to stretch out.
  • The wide availability of bedding options.
  • Suitable for oversized bedrooms.


  • It is more expensive compared to a double-size bed.
  • Needs a larger bedroom space.
  • Limited mobility in smaller rooms.

Dimensions Comparison: Double Bed vs. Queen Bed

Now that we know the basic definitions of queen and double let’s compare the dimensions of double and queen-size beds.

Dimensions Comparison Double Size Bed vs. Queen Size Bed

DimensionDouble Size BedQueen Size Bed
Width54 inches60 inches
Length75 inches80 inches
Suitable For1-2 adults2 adults
Common UsageGuest rooms, smaller bedroomsMaster bedrooms, larger bedrooms
Space RequirementCompactMore space is required compared to Double
Ideal Room Size10′ x 10′10′ x 12′ or larger
Couples’ ComfortCosySpacious and comfortable
BeddingUses Double or Full-size beddingRequires Queen size bedding
AvailabilityCommonWidely available

As you can see from the table, the main difference between queen and double bed sizes lies in width. Queen-size beds offer an additional 6 inches in width, providing more sleeping space for individuals or couples.

Comfort and Sleep Quality

Comfort and Sleep Quality
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Comfort is an important factor when choosing a bed size. Queen and double beds differ in terms of personal preference and sleeping arrangements. A queen size bed gives more space for movement, making it suitable for active sleepers or individuals who require extra nighttime space. On the other hand, a double bed is not suitable for active sleepers and taller people.
Additionally, considering mattress preferences is essential to ensure a good night’s sleep. Opting for a comfortable and supportive mattress is crucial, regardless of the bed size.

How Do Double And Queen Beds Differ In Comfort?

Comfort is a crucial aspect of a good night’s sleep. Both queen and double beds can provide comfort. In contrast, a queen bed offers more space for movement, allowing sleepers to stretch out and sleep in their preferred sleeping positions. A double bed is good for a small bedroom or a room with limited space and may need more space for couples. A queen bed’s additional width and length can make a noticeable difference in sleep quality, especially for couples or individuals who prefer a wider sleeping area.

The Importance Of Mattress Size And Preferences

To ensure optimal comfort and sleep quality, it’s essential to choose the right mattress size. A double bed requires a mattress specifically designed for its dimensions, measuring 54 inches wide and 75 inches long. Similarly, a queen bed requires a mattress measuring 60 inches wide and 80 inches long. Selecting a mattress that fits your needs and preferences, such as firmness level, material, and any specific sleep-related considerations you may have, is crucial.

Factors To Consider For A Restful Sleep

Apart from bed size and mattress preferences, many other factors contribute to restful sleep. These include the quality and usefulness of the mattress, suitable pillows and bedding, maintaining a comfortable room temperature, and reducing noise and distractions in the sleep environment. Attention to these factors can significantly enhance the overall sleep experience, regardless of the bed size you have chosen.

Bed Dimensions and Space Requirements

Bed Dimensions and Space Requirements

When considering the dimensions of a double-size bed, it’s important to note its width of 54 inches and length of 75 inches. This size suits smaller bedrooms or guest rooms requiring a compact sleeping arrangement. Conversely, a queen-size bed measures 60 inches wide and 80 inches long. This site needs a larger bedroom space, providing more bedroom space and comfort.

Dimensions Of A Double Bed

A double bed typically measures 54 inches wide and 75 inches long. It is an ideal choice for rooms that have limited space or smaller bedrooms, guest rooms, etc. The compact size of a double bed allows for efficient utilization of floor space without compromising on comfort.

Dimensions Of A Queen Size Bed

A queen size bed varies in width, ranging from 60 to 80 inches, and is consistently 80 inches long. The additional width and length make queen beds more suitable for larger rooms or master bedrooms with ample space to accommodate the bed comfortably.

Evaluating Floor Space And Room Size Considerations

When choosing a bed between a double and queen bed, it’s essential to consider how much space is available in your room. If you have a smaller room or need some space for other furniture, a double bed would be a better choice. However, if your room is large enough and you desire a more spacious sleeping area, then a queen bed would be an ideal choice for you.

Suitability for Different Room Types

Different Room Types
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The choice between a double bed or a queen bed also depends on what type of room you have. A double bed is often preferred and good for smaller spaces like guest rooms or dorm rooms due to its compact dimensions. It offers adequate sleeping space without taking over too much floor space. Conversely, a queen-sized bed can easily accommodate master bedrooms or larger spaces, and it provides a more luxurious sleeping experience.

Guest rooms and smaller spaces

Due to its compact dimensions, a double-size bed is great for guest rooms or smaller spaces, like apartments or studio units. It provides a comfortable sleeping space without overwhelming the room’s floor space. A double bed can be an excellent choice for accommodating guests or individuals with limited bedroom space.

Dorm rooms and student living

Double beds are commonly used in dorm rooms or student living situations, As there is less space. They offer sufficient space for sleeping while leaving space for other essential items such as desks, chairs, and storage units. The compact size of a double bed makes it practical for shared living spaces.

Master bedrooms and larger spaces

A queen-sized bed can provide a luxurious and comfortable touch to spacious master bedrooms or large rooms. The dimensions of a queen bed allow individuals to sleep comfortably without feeling cramped. Moreover, a queen bed can be a focal point in the room, creating an inviting and relaxing atmosphere.

Price and Affordability

Price and Affordability
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The bed expense is another significant factor that influences the decision-making process. Here’s a comparison of the price ranges for double-size beds and queen-size beds:

Price and AffordabilityDouble Size BedQueen Size Bed
Price RangeDouble-size beds are generally more affordable and budget-friendly compared to queen-size beds.Queen-size beds are typically more expensive than double beds because of their larger size and materials required.
AffordabilityThis option is excellent for those individuals or couples who are on a tighter or lower budget but still want a comfortable and functional bed.If you are not on a budget restriction, investing in a queen-size bed would be better if you want a luxurious and spacious sleeping experience.

Factors to Consider

Choosing between a double bed and a queen bed requires careful consideration of several factors:

  1. Bedroom Size: Measure your bedroom’s dimensions to determine which bed size will fit your room comfortably without overwhelming the space. 
  2. Sleeping Arrangements: Consider whether a single person or a couple will use the bed. If you frequently share your bed with a partner, a queen-sized bed might be more suitable to ensure a comfortable sleeping experience.
  3. Personal Space: Some individuals prefer more space during sleep, while others enjoy the cozy closeness of a smaller bed. Think about your personal preferences to make the right choice.
  4. Future Needs: Anticipate your future needs. If you plan to invite guests frequently or expect changes in your living situation, like a partner moving in, then a queen-size bed would be a perfect choice as it offers more flexibility.
  5. Budget and Affordability: Evaluate your budget and affordability. Double beds are generally more budget-friendly compared to queen beds. If you are concerned about budget limitations, a double-size bed would be better, and it can provide comfort without breaking the bank.

Difference Between Double Bed and Queen Bed

  • Size: The primary difference between the two beds is their size. A queen-sized bed is 6 inches wider and 5 inches longer than a double bed, offering more room for comfortable sleep.
  • Sleeping Capacity: A double bed can comfortably accommodate one adult or a couple, whereas a queen bed offers more space and can accommodate two adults and even a small child or a pet.
  • Sleep Comfort: With the additional space, a queen bed provides more comfort for couples who prefer their sleeping area more open or individuals who like to stretch out during sleep.
  • Room Space: Choosing between a double bed and a queen bed should also consider the available space in the room. A queen bed requires a larger room than a double bed, which is more suitable for compact spaces.

Comparing Mattress Options

Comparing Mattress Options
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Both double and queen beds are compatible with various mattress sizes. A queen-size mattress measuring 60 inches by 80 inches is a perfect fit for a queen bed. For a double bed, a commonly used mattress size is twin (38″ x 75″), which provides ample sleeping space for a single adults.

Queen-Size Mattress

A queen-size bed is designed to be paired with a queen-size mattress, which typically measures between 60 inches wide and 80 inches long. This mattress size perfectly fits the dimensions of a queen bed, ensuring optimal comfort and support.

These mattresses come in a variety of styles, like innerspring, memory foam, latex, and hybrid; each of them provides distinct features to cater to different preferences and sleep needs. The choice of a queen-size mattress allows a balance between size and bedroom space, making it an excellent option for those who like to have extra room to spread out while sleeping.

Twin-Size Mattress

A twin-size mattress measuring 38 inches wide and 75 inches long is commonly used with a double-size bed, which makes it suitable for a single sleeper who prefers a more compact bed size. A double bed with a twin mattress can be a practical choice for children’s rooms, guest rooms, or individuals who prefer a snug sleeping area.

Like other mattress sizes, twin mattresses come in various types, including innerspring, memory foam, latex, and hybrid models, each with its unique features and benefits. When choosing a twin-size mattress, it’s important to consider things like firmness, material, and budget to ensure a comfortable and restful night’s sleep according to your preferences and needs.

King-Size Mattress

If you require even more space and luxury, a king-size mattress can be an option. However, it’s important to note that a king bedding mattress is not directly compatible with a double or queen bed frame. King bedding have their specific dimensions and are larger than double and queen beds.

King-size mattresses are available in various types, such as innerspring, memory foam, latex, and hybrid, each fulfilling different comfort and support preferences. They are a fantastic choice for couples who want much space to sleep comfortably without disturbing each other. The extra width is particularly advantageous for people who tend to move around during sleep.

Additional Considerations

Additional Considerations
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When buying a bed, it’s essential to consider other factors, such as bed frames and accessories. Different mattress types, including memory foam, can also increase comfort and sleep quality. It is crucial to select a mattress that meets your requirements and personal preferences.

Bed frames and accessories

When selecting a bed, it’s important to consider the bed frame and any additional accessories. Bed frames are available in various styles, materials, and sizes, ensuring compatibility with different bed sizes. Additionally, accessories such as headboards, footboards, and under-bed storage can enhance the Effectiveness and aesthetics of your bed.

Memory foam and other mattress types

When choosing a mattress, you have many options, like memory foam, innerspring, latex, and hybrid mattresses. Each mattress type has its unique features, advantages, and considerations. Memory foam mattresses, for example, provide excellent pressure relief and conform to the body’s shape, resulting in personalized comfort and support.

Bed size preferences and personal factors

At last, choosing between a double and queen bed depends on your likes, space availability, and individual needs. Consider factors such as your sleep habits, body size, how many people will sleep, and any specific requirements you may have. Finding a bed size that offers the right balance of comfort, space, and functionality for your unique situation is important.


Choosing the right bed size is crucial for sleep comfort and well-being. You can make the right decision after understanding the difference between double bed and queen bed and considering your room size, comfort, preferences, and mattress options. Evaluate your needs, explore different bed sizes and dimensions, and prioritize a good night’s sleep. You can make a cozy and relaxing space in your bedroom or guest room with the right bed. Sleep well!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Which bed size is wider, a double or a queen?

    A double bed measures 54 inches wide, while a queen bed ranges from 60 inches wide.

  2. Are double beds the same length as queen beds?

    Double beds are 75 inches long, while queen beds are 80 inches long.

  3. What are the dimensions of a twin-size bed?

    A twin-size bed typically measures 38 inches wide and 75 inches long.

  4. What factors should I consider when choosing a bed frame?

    Consider factors such as style, durability, compatibility with the bed size, and available accessories when selecting a bed frame.

  5. Is a queen-size bed worth the extra cost?

    If you have the space and budget, a queen-size bed is worth the extra cost, especially for couples or individuals who enjoy the freedom of movement while sleeping.

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